Is Klout Moments the new SEO analyzation tool ?

After following Klout for a while, to she how I rank in the social media world, I just watched their new video about Klout Moments.  A brand new feature that helps you keep track on which posts are the most influential to your audience and it has the facebook Timeline look as you can scroll down and watched the posts and its ratings.  I am sure this will at least help people to understand their customers and audience in general and I am looking forward trying this cool feature.  Watch the new video and tell us what you think ?

Bjarni Kr

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  1. You are way ahead of me, I had no idea what Klout even was! But I do know that Facebook is amazing when it goes to having post go viral. But the post have to be somewhat to the political liking of the viewer. Congratualtion on the new website!

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