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The studio was established in 2010, in the beginning as a freelancer company, while the owner was studying Multimedia Design but after graduation and after building up a client base, it was logical to start up a real company.  Today we work for companies and individuals in Iceland, Denmark and Norway and our core business is webpages among many other multimedia projects. Our mission is to provide only top quality projects and for the best price on the market.  One of our most proud projects is called “Share & Care” as we use 2% of our income to invest in new startups or to help entrepreneurs with new ideas.  When getting paid for a project we like to share, and as said before this is always the highlight of each project, as we love to share some care to others.  Even the name of the Studio “Imagine” referees to charity and peace, as we honor John Lennon´s fight for peace by sharing & Caring in the name of Imagine.