The Task Our mission when going into new project is to Share some of our income, cause we Care for others and our planet. We like to help entrepreneurs to have their idea come to life, or to help in any kind of a problem solving project in innovation. Our favorite ideas to support, are within green energy or all kinds of problem solving for the earth to become a better place in the future. After each project we put 2% of the income to invest in new startups or to help entrepreneurs with new ideas. Our Goal We believe that when you give or share, it will bounce back, and we believe that giving to others will inspire us to do even more creative design. The goal is to help as many as possible by investing in their ideas or invention. For us the most rewarding part of each project, is to share something after a good creative design, and we can´t wait to finish each project to get to this finale point, so it is also our drive when designing. The name of this idea is Share & Care as we care for others and like to share some of our income to innovation. Just inform us with your idea and we will try our hardest to help you to get the things started. We hope that this will inspire more designers to do the same for entrepreneurs or for any other charity as our responsibility is to share to the world and help each other.