Marketing advice

In the Team we have marketing people with education and a huge “hands on” experience from many businesses.  The Social Media marketing is our today´s priority as it gives the customer a change of free/cheap marketing for the business and if handled right a huge advantage to the market.  We offer marketing advice, related to the business when starting up your web.

We read many books and articles every week to stay focused on what is happening on the market and we manage several sites for customers and have ethe hands on knowledge.  We offer many kinds of advice and we often custom make a report for your business idea or for your personal web.  Among our advice-reports for customers are like listed below.

10 Social Media Marketing tips for beginners

How to build up user base by blogging

Timing in Social Media activities

Web structure

We have a wide range of people from all kinds of businesses, with good education and knowledge to get the best results for our customer.

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