The Imagine Family comes from the small country Iceland, where we grew up in a very small town.  Later in life the longing for exploring grew and we wanted to see more of the world.  In 2010 we moved to Denmark where we lived for 4 years and then we moved to Norway where we are located at the moment.

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When we lived in Denmark we were located nearby Billund for some time and after that in Odense.  Denmark did really deliver and living in Odense was fantastic and all family members enjoyed the time.  After 4 years in Denmark and after 2 degrees the head of the family got a job in Norway and we all moved to explore a little bit more of Europe.


Now living in Norway we have had to learn a new language again and adapting to new culture, new climate along other things.  We are enjoying the stay in Norway and we are blown away by the beautiful nature, the trees and all the mountains.  The Imagine Family is loving to explore even further in the future and who knows what the future will bring.