Yesterday we signed in two interns from my old school NoMa and they will work with the team from the office in Vejle for eight weeks. It will be exiting to have fresh students with lot of new ideas working at the office. When we signed the papers yesterday the excitement did sparkle in their eyes and both are looking forward to bring in their enthusiasm and skills to the company. Since we have been so busy making webpages and logos for others we forgot our own logo and we decided that will be the first project for our new employes when they arrive next year and you will be able to see the result on our webpage soon and maybe choose with us which one to pick. Since the owner of Imagine is studying Innovation & Entrepreneurship there will be a lot of Creative processes, when making the logo, and probably some philosophy 😉
The year of 2013 is going to be filled with new projects and more webpages rolling out along with more logos, advices and video production.
The team