Today we signed up for a office space in Vejle, in partnership with the Idea House. This means that we get access to all the equipment we need for the studio, and access to more great freelancers to work with in big projects. We will move in next week and the first assignment is to create our own video commercial for Imagine. This is a big step for our small company as we are now moving away from home, to live in the real world. We will still keep our promises and be true to our customers policy  ->

“Our most important task is to satisfy the customer with stunning quality design and innovative ideas. We are strongly dedicated in each task if it´s small or big, funny or formal as our design statement is, quality design, innovation and dedication to all tasks. We are looking forward working for you”

In next couple of weeks we will keep on working with our current customers along with aiming for new projects and customers. We have now updated our ability for bigger projects and more professional environment to meet with our customers in the future.

We look very much forward to the upcoming months in our new office in Vejle and to be able to work on our own exciting projects for the year of 2013 within the video production, web development, programming and the app business along with our investment plans “Share & Care

We cant´t wait for all the great things are happening in the year of 2013 ~ The team.