Few weeks ago the Imagine team did travel to Copenhagen to shoot some video for a fashion company. We did travel from Vejle and back the same day and brought back, great shots, and now the editing team have been working on it to create the final edition which will be ready soon. This was a fun project and we are looking forward to make more videos this year.

When we were searching for some background music we found this great song on youtube but we didnĀ“t know the band, the solution was to download the Shazam app to our iPhone, detect the song to find out about the band, which was Sofa Surfers and the track: was “Sofa Rockers” (Richard Dorfmeister Remix) For you who like to check out this great band just visit their facebook page

Of course we do not use a song without the permission from the songwriter and since we know the power of the internet we just contacted them to get their permission to use it and now we have a relationship with this great band and very likable guys and will hopefully use some of their songs later in other projects.

This process has been a great learning process for the team and we are looking very much further to more projects within the video business.

The team